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I have been greatly rewarded in life as a serial entrepreneur. My greatest reward however has been contributing to others' success, to watch entrepreneurs grow and achieve their dreams. Having founded a dozen businesses and supported the success of dozens more in a broad spectrum of industries; including media, tech and entertainment, I have realized that my experiences and perspectives are valuable to others and need to be shared. 


It is truly a rush to immerse oneself in the development of great ideas; and watch them evolve from inception through incubation. As they forge their natural path to realization as successful businesses, their founders develop experiences and expand their minds, evolving to become exceptional entrepreneurs. I have seen it enough times to know the two go hand in hand.


Living in Southern California and blessed with a healthy growing family, I remain closely connected to my Icelandic roots. I excel at the intersection of technology application and fearless innovation, in service of humanities future, individual wellbeing and planetary sustainability.

The Thor Report promises to be a valuable mind space where ideas can take flight and come to life, evolve and mature. It offers a broad spectrum of thoughts and insights on how to succeed, enterprise resources selected by decades of experience, and inspirations by the brightest minds of our times. It is designed to be an emotional as well as an intellectual growth space;                           

An Entrepreneurial Think Tank.

I look forward to the continued support of the realization of dreams, offering a nourishing mind space for entrepreneurs, for ideas to transform into exceptional enterprise opportunities.

Freyr Thor                                                                                                                                      

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