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Think Simple

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Watching athletes accomplish impossible feats reminds us of our own human possibilities when hard work, skills and determination work in union. The essence of people manifests at that moment, and we are lucky to witness it; in their facial expressions and body language of confidence engulfing their spirited aura. They point to our own limitless capabilities, a moment where a human being becomes the most beautiful version of itself. We are privileged to this experience through artists performing and athletes in action, because they are intentionally there for our view and appreciation; but honed-in crafts, developed expertise and learned business acumen follow the very same principles. Any determined pursuit brings out this same essence of our greatest beauty, and trust me it delivers results. I have seen a passion for coffee resourcing, a devotion to sustainable down, and a love of natural hot springs' healing power; all transformed into hugely successful businesses. They started humbly, I mean super small, reminding us a good idea followed through with passion does not have to be a mission to Mars. It can be as small as a bean, as simple as water and as light as a feather.


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