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The Success of Values Brands

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

There are models for success; being at the right place and time is a favorite. Another one has emerged; one of caring, manifesting in a brand taking a stand on its values, declaring its view on social issues, the environment and political position. Marketing experts confirm this trend will only get stronger as new generations of adults and parents express their views and values through spending and brand affiliation. Patagonia is an example of a brand that cares more about the planet than its profits, made famous by its “don’t buy this jacket” campaign, and is incredibly profitable because of it. Buy-one-give-one is a thriving sub-model, like Bombas. This does not mean just any product or services brand can plaster a values statement onto its marketing campaign. Authenticity is a must. Being authentic means the values manifest first in the products and services themselves, and then through the branding and marketing, and when done right, ultimately directs both operations and culture, guiding every decision a company makes. I’d love to elaborate, because this is a topic worthy of a convention. Runner up, my favorite and essential model for success; hard work and tenacity.


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