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An Entrepreneurs Mindset

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Everywhere you look, there is opportunity. My oldest kid at the age of six noticed how holiday light bulbs where hard to replace, they needed a redesign. As a teenager he designed a speed up solution for "In-N-Out" drive-thru, suggesting placing an order taker in the parking lot would cut the wait time, a method the burger chain later adopted on its own.

James Dyson, engineer and entrepreneur inventor, Britain's richest man, decided one day that vacuum cleaners by and large sucked, literally. They were outdated, boring and needed a complete technological and design overhaul. The rest is history.

The greatest asset in an entrepreneurs toolkit is a critical mindset; the ability to look at the world around you and think; "how can I make this better?" This mindset button is constantly on, as the nourishment opportunity is everywhere we go, to the grocery store or the bathroom.

An entrepreneur does not need to invent the wheel to succeed, or have deeply specialized knowledge skills to recognize an opportunity. All that is needed is our natural ability to think critically and go to work on a solution. Product, service, process, it can be just about anything because nearly everything is yet to be imagined, built and presented to the world.


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