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Predicting Trends

The holy grail of Wall Street is to see around the corner what Tomorrowland will bring. Understanding business trends and opportunities is no different. What both have in common is data and interpretation. Simply. During the lifetime of anyone currently living WWII was perhaps the most earthshaking event. The post war era ushered in a business boom mankind had never seen. Invention, production, media and technology, purchase power and product consumerism, all catapulted our economy to new heights.

Today, through the Covid-19 pandemic experience, we have witnessed the destruction of our economy comparable only to the great depression. Yet, some businesses are thriving: Online retail, home delivery, take-out foods, online communications, technology, purpose and emotion driven products, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals of course, and… space?

Our minds eye can already see beyond the pandemic, and our collective experience is an immense resource to interpret next trends. History teaches what may seem temporary is far more likely to stay. Entrepreneurs would do well contemplating all of this because the post-pandemic era is right around the corner. And it’s likely to be a boom not seen since WWII and the Great Depression.


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